Web Development & SEO

Our philosophy is: Listen - Learn - Understand

Then we create sites that are intuitive, functional, and easy to navigate. Our focus is to help you create a strong, long-lasting connection with your customers. Many developers understand websites are a marketing tool, but often forget that it is the business/customer relationship that helps to ensure loyalty.

Inspired by your needs, we create appealing and interactive media designs.  Any and all existing frameworks will be used to keep costs low and quality high.

Seven reasons why you should hire a web working zombie:

  1. Our Zombies have the expertise to ensure that your websites are functional and great looking.
  2. We can streamline processes.
  3. Working Zombies know that all businesses are different and each has its own challenges and creative solutions.
  4. We work relentlessly to meet your needs without overselling services.
  5. Working Zombie Studios is located in Southwest Michigan, but this horde provides the same excellent quality of service no matter where your company is.
  6. We have client relationships, not projects.
  7. Our Zombies will exceed your expectations, not your budget.

Creative Services

If you are looking for big-city results with personal small-town service, check out what our creative zombies have to offer. With many years of experience at corporate and agency levels, team portfolios include work for global brands such as Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and Rubbermaid Commercial, as well as a horde of small businesses. We want to provide quality creative at a local level that everyone can afford.

Just a few of our skills:

  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Production
  • Branding
  • Social Networking

Check out our EXPERIENCE page for specific examples.

Custom Programming

We do custom programming.  Yup we really do! Whether it is something as simple as a price comparison system, or as complex as a full scale product database, there's nothing we can't sink our teeth into. We know that brand name generic programs aren't always the best solution for all business needs and we can fill in where they fall short.

Technology Consulting

With over over 50 years of combined experience we can assure you that there is no issue our horde can't handle.


Javascript / jQuery
Microsoft VBSCRIPT
Linux BASH

Server OS

LINUX (all releases)
Windows (all releases)
Apple OSX


Microsoft SQL
Microsoft Access

Server Applications

Microsoft Active Directory
LINUX Email Servers and Clients

Mobile Application

Apple IOS


Cisco Networking
Polycom VOiP
Linksys VOiP

Content Management